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  • All Instruments and Diamond Knives are Made in the USA

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We have an extensive variety of Surgical Instruments including Forceps, Scissors, Choppers, Spatulas, Speculums and many more

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LRI Sale

New Preset LRI Knife in a Titanium Handle set at 500, 550, or 600 Microns only $425

We offer 24 Hour turnaround on most Diamond Knives. Call  1-800-341-9704 for to set up your free evaluation.

24 Hour Repair Service

Surgical Solutions

10 Davis Avenue,

Malvern, PA 19355, USA


March 9, 2015    Surgical Solutions is excited to announce the return of Black Diamonds.   New Black Diamond Knives are only $995 and Black Diamond Repairs are only $495.  Call us today to order.

Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 7:00pm

Surgical Solutions 1-800-341-9704

Diamond Repair Pricing

- All 1mm Sideport or LRI Diamond Repairs Call for Quote.  Lowest Price Guaranteed

- Clear Cornea Main Incision Diamond Repair Call for Quote.  Lowest Price Guaranteed.

- Specialty, 3D, A-Symmetrical, EST, Custom, or Trapezoid Diamond Repairs.  Call for Quote.  Lowest Prices Guaranteed.

Black Diamond Repairs.  Call for Quote.  Lowest Prices Guaranteed

Cataract Set Diamond Sale

Set includes a Main Incision Clear Cornea Diamond Knife, a 1mm Sideport Diamond Knife and a Sterilization Tray.  Call us today to place your order. Read More